Hillside Pastured Farm

We grow organic produce the old fashion way....out on the pasture! Producing premium meat chicken is as much about what we DO put in...time and care, as it is about what we don't put in... NO chemicals NO antibiotics.

Our Pastured Chickens reside in a purpose built brooder until they are 3-4 weeks of age and then they "graduate" from chicks to chickens and live their remaining time out on the pasture. That's where they develop their flavour and live a real chickens life.

We enlist the help of our trusty maremma dogs to guard them day and night from foxy loxies.


Because Hillside Pastured Chickens live in a healthy way (on the pasture with fresh air and sunshine), we don't need to give them antibiotics. Some solutions are simple they just can't be replicated on a large (or industrial) scale.

Our farm is organic.... It is the way we farm, it's the way we live.

Hillside Pastured Chickens are raised the old fashion way. That's how you get old fashion flavour and goodness. Have you tried one yet? Once you do, there will be no going back.....join us on your better food journey.